Snookers Finest

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Snooker is a fine game, one that requires great skill and concentration. It has seen many fine players throughout its history, from John Pulman through to Stephen Hendry. However it is the current Masters champion Ronnie O’Sullivan who continues to astound all involved in the game.

His recent championship victory was one of the finest all round performances many have ever witnessed. During his quarter-final win over Ricky Walden, he yet again broke a further record earning 556 points without reply and in a mere 58 minutes!

Every time Snooker is on the television I have the same conversation with family members; they reiterate how ‘dull’ and ‘boring’ watching Snooker is and I vehemently disagree.  However when ‘The Rocket’ is playing it is clear to see that those uninterested can appreciate what they are witnessing. He is arguable the most naturally gifted Snooker player to grace the planet; he is quick, accurate, exciting and to top it off, he is almost equally as good using his left hand as he is his right!

I am thankful that Ronnie is around during my generation and I have witnessed his sublime career. Though I am sure with the ever emerging talents, both nationally and internationally, we will soon see another player as exciting and impressive.


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